The Throwmantics’ show combines the comedic prowess of one of the West Coast’s best writers with the technical mastery of the New England’s own vaudeville phenom.

 (The hair and mustache?  Those are icing on the cake.)

Watch and be amazed as Curt and Thom display feats of faith and bravado in your city’s most exotic parlors of conversation and amusement!  Pick your jaw off the floor as you marvel the strength of their biceps and power of their friendship!  Smile and delight at their impressive displays of stupidity and verbal acrobatics!

With numerous awards, several degrees, and a handful of life experiences, this dynamic duo is the only new-school / old-school vaudeville revival group on the scene today.  Watch and be amazed as they seamlessly perform:

– Fifteen rings!

– Synchronous shaker cup manipulation!

– Egg juggling!

– Wheelchairs and battle axes!

– Knife juggling – the hard way!

– And more!

“Thom and Curt are two of the most charismatic and charming performers I have ever seen. Not only are they some of the best jugglers you will ever watch on stage, but they keep you laughing the whole show!”

– Alexandra Kesman, Managing Director, Know Theater of Cincinnati