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Deluxe Thom Wall Pin

Are you a Thom Wall superfan?  Show your support with this deluxe, limited-edition cloisonné lapel pin!

This gorgeous 1″ nickel plated pin has a jewelry-like finish, and it’s sure to stop passers-by in their tracks.  Featuring a caricature by Thom’s longtime friend, Sam Washburn (whose illustrations have appeared in The New York Times, Scientific American, and other publications!), this pin is the epitome of cool.

What’s so special about cloisonné pins?

Cloisonné pins have a royal history and a legacy of beauty. Dating back to the 13th century, the cloisonné process was first used in ancient China to create vases and other art for the Emperor. During the famous Ming Dynasty, bronze casting was taken to a new level and the cloisonné process, which is still used to create cloisonné lapel pins today, was perfected.

A metal sheet is stamped in order to create a raised outline of the design. The recessed areas are then filled with powdery glass-like color resins. Each color is filled separately and fired in an oven at 1700 degrees. The process and the use of glass resins give each cloisonné pin a hard, glossy finish that simulates jewel tones.  These pins are then polished to a flat, glossy surface, giving the final product the look and feel of fine jewelry.