The nerdiest non-nerdy explanation of the current state of juggling research in the world. Super legit content, mixed with light touch of humor.

– Craig Quat

This ebook covers an incredible amount of research, while keeping the information engaging and useful for a juggling practice.

I have been either training, performing, or teaching juggling for about two decades, and I learned a ton! Whether you’re just discovering an interest in juggling or you’re far down the rabbit hole, read this today.

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My name is Thom, and I’m an author for Modern Vaudeville Press.  My most recent titles are Juggling: From Antiquity to the Middle Ages and Juggling: What It Is and How to Do It.

While working on these projects, I wrote a chapter about the effects juggling has on the practitioner’s mind and body.  There’s a lot of great research into our artform as an example of complex motor learning, but most of these papers lie in academic journals that aren’t read by jugglers!  This eBook aims to solve that problem.

My editor thought that this section was good, but wanted me to strip it down from fifteen pages to a single sheet.  Juggling: What It Is and How to Do It covers the basics, but I wanted to make sure the most complete version of this information would be read by my friends around the world.

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This paper is in-depth, interesting, and informative. Thom has dug up some of the juiciest academic and scientific tid-bits of our art to help legitimize and de-stigmatize the word juggler.

Time spent reading this book will not only deeply intrigue the casual reader but help facilitate the education potentials of teachers and hobbyists, alike.

– Benjamin Domask

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