Two Minutes at the Monocle

I had a week off between cities on Totem’s Spanish tour, so I went to St Louis to visit my family.  St Louis is home to the Monocle’s Emerald Room – one of my favorite venues in the Midwest, and where I premiered my history show “On the Topic of Juggling.”  It occurred to me that it’d be a fun challenge to put up a brand new set – some of the original material I’d been working on during my down time at the tent, between shows with Cirque du Soleil.

If you’ve been following along, I try my best to break out of the routine at work (so to speak,) and learn, create, or devise new tricks every year.  This year, I’d made a whopping 31 new ones – some of which felt good enough to put in front of a paying audience.  A few phonecalls later, I was booked to open for a little cabaret show at the Monocle – time to get to work!

You can see a few clips of the show in this video.  Is it the cleanest?  Absolutely not.  Was it entertaining?  Absolutely!  …and that’s the most important part of showbusiness, right?  With some time and rehearsal, I think this material is really going to sing.