Want to learn how to juggle the boring, old fashioned way?  Look somewhere else, then!

Thom isn’t just any old juggling coach.  He’s got a background pedagogical theory and youth development – Thom knows how to break things down to their component parts and get you on the fast-track to juggling success!  With teaching credentials from Cambridge University, Thom is an adjunct faculty member at the New England Center for Circus Arts, where he teaches workshops on juggling and act creation.

Topics include fundamentals of technique, practice regimen, act creation, esoteric skills, and aspects of showmanship and performance.

Workshops for corporate teambuilding and personal development are available on request!

Thom is also available for private lessons via private videos and Skype.

Thom has taught thousands of people from all around the world how to juggle, with workshops in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, and across Europe.

Look for Thom at a juggling festival, team building event, circus school, or youth program near you!